How to get rid of incorrect overtime warnings for TeamCity build?


I have a TeamCity build configuration which has two build steps with console commands. One of the scripts is expected to run for 15 minutes to build the project.

When I run the build, I see the progress bar with warning icon. Details say:

7m:20s passed of 12s initially estimated 
7m:07s overtime

I don't understand, why TeamCity decided that both steps should take just 12 seconds. It's a fresh install of TeamCity, I'm the admin of the TeamCity and I haven't touched any timeout settings.

I searched TeamCity docs and entire Internet for TeamCity overtime settings. I found only settings for failure triggers, but I don't need it, I just need some way to tell TeamCity that it should not make assumptions how long my custom scripts should execute. Or to specify that my scripts are expected to take about 15 minutes, but the build should not fail in case if it takes longer.

How do I get rid of these Overtime warnings?


You have to start several builds (I think in the range 10-20) to get a good estimation.


Thanks, that makes sense. I was worried that I have forgot some setting somewhere :D

So, I'll just wait when estimates settle down after some builds.


Hi Martin,

The estimate is made based on the heuristics of the latest builds in the history of the build configuration. So there should be several builds in history (at least 10) to calculate the estimate time. Please find more info here.


Yes, thank you, now it works correctly.


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