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The default nested list view of TeamCity quickly becomes very cluttered. Is there any way to get a view similar to what Jenkins does? That is, I would like a tabular (preferably more condensed) view of my builds on my TeamCity home page. Alternatively, a radiator-style overview would also work. Basically, anything that allows me to view 0 - 30 build configurations on a 1080p screen would be a great help.

To elaborate on my situation, I run TeamCity 9.x, having 9 build configurations in 8 different sub projects, under 3 main projects. Fully expanded this does not fit on a 1080p monitor, which feels kind of insane (surely it's normal that I want to view 9 configurations at one glance).

I'm unsure what I'm looking for, but I think I need either a way to configure the view for the home page, or perhaps a plugin? Failing those, I may need a link to the open feature request. Failing all that, I probably need to file such a feature request?

I've Googled and carefully reviewed the "Similar posts" suggestions here, but found no solution or related thread.


Here's a screenshot of what my home page currently looks like:

As you can tell, not very efficient use of space. Compare to this quick mockup I made of what I'd want:

This gives you an overview at a glance.

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Does it help to collapse projects or build configurations? Maybe you could attach screenshots to better understand the problem?

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@PavelSher: For sure. I've updated my OP with a screenshot as well as a mock of what I'm aiming for.

As you can probably tell from those screenshots, collapsing things will not help at all, because the relevant details are at the lowest level (and those would be hidden if I collapse).

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In fact when you collapse build configuration you should not miss much. Currents status, number of running / queued builds, number of pending changes should be visible.

BTW, your mock up shows finished builds only and for finished builds it works, it's just a history view across several projects. But once you start adding missing details (running builds, pending changes, branches, etc.) I believe you'll face the same problem.

There are a few feature requests which you might be interested in:



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> In fact when you collapse build configuration you should not miss much.

I sure do, it misses build configurations, most recent build number, number of tests passed, a link to artifacts, most recent committer, build time, and the run and ... buttons.

Of those, last build time and a link to the most recent build (artifacts) would be most important.

> BTW, [...] once you start adding missing details [to your mock...] I believe you'll face the same problem

I'm not sure what you mean by "the same problem"?

From that paragraph I feel you're trying to tell me my request is theoretically impossible, right? In that case, I'm not explaining myself correctly, because I know it is possible. In fact, the competition has exactly the view I want:

It shows a tabular, condensed view of all build configurations, their status, a link to the most recent result, and last success/failure/duration times.

Don't get me wrong, I like TeamCity a lot so far, but the home page is just not very useful as is (and it'll get worse once I get more configurations).

Finally, thanks for the links to those issues. Regarding those:

- TW-5031 is somewhat similar, but dated 2008 and still open
- TW-31871 is similar, but a request per project as opposed to for the home page
- TW-12690 is similar, but the request explicitly asks for a build log ordered by time, whereas I want a view of the most recent build per configuration
So though related, I think my request is still different?
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Actually, I am trying to better understand your case and provide possible workarounds. I took a look at and I see that it does not show status of the running build. For instance it seems I cannot get view similar to this in TeamCity:

On this view you can see how many builds are running in each build configuration, what is their status, progress, what are their changes. You can also see what changes are not tested yet - so called Pending changes. In Jenkins view, it seems that blinking balloon indicates a running build, but I failed to find details of this build without digging deeper. All I see is the status of the last build which is often not what I want. Please correct me if I am wrong, as I not an expert in Jenkins at all.

This is what I meant by "if you start adding details you'll see the same problem". TeamCity problem is that it shows many details at once. We definitely want to fix it and make view more condensed, it's just we did not come to proper solution yet.

As I can see in Jenkins you can configure groups of jobs to be shown on dashboard. But since on selection one group completely replaces another one this is probably the same as opening TeamCity projects in different tabs. What do you think?


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All I want is that the nested list on the homepage is shown as a denormalized, condensed table. The screenshot you've posted can be converted to such a table just fine I think. Such a table can be shown regardless of how many details it contains.

All there's to it is converting the grouping headers (i.e. Projects and Subprojects) to denormalized columns.

- Projects become one column with the project name;

- Subprojects become two columns with the project name and the [run] + [...] buttons. The latter is optional, as I can imagine it might be too confusing to repeat the buttons (as they're the same button regardless of the row they're in).

Wether or not a Build Configuration shows multiple builds at once matters little to me, though if pressed I'd only be interested in the most recent build (which may be one currently in progress).

Here's how I'd mock that together from your screenshot:

In any case, my request is derailing slightly in a back-and-forth. The bottom line for me still is this:

On the home page, for a situation with just 10 build configurations, which run infrequently (seldomly more than one running build per config), I would like to have an instant, condensed, (preferably table-)structured overview of all my configurations.

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Speaking about your last mockup - besides not showing run buttons it also lacks pending changes popup. Both of these features are highly usable according to our data. Also to my taste current TeamCity view is a bit more usable, because in the current view I clearly see what builds belong to which build configuration, while in Jenkins-like view it's not that clear especially when there are running builds everywhere.

Also I can't quite agree with your summary that TeamCity can't show 10 build configurations on one page. It's not quite so, as in your case you also have several projects and each project has only one build configuration. If you could reduce the number of subprojects there will be no problem with vertical space.

Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate your feedback! I am just trying to explain what concerns we had in mind when we designed overview (because as I remember we discussed Jenkins-like approach too). I fully agree that vertical space is important, especially on laptops, and it would be great to do something about it.

So far I did not find other feature requests related to this problem. Feel free to create one. 

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Wow, I'm not sure what's going on in this thread. You mention that you appreciate the feedback, but in the mean time your posts mostly come down to trying to convince me that my wishes do not make sense or are not "correct", as opposed to getting help towards my intended goal.

As such, I don't think I will continue to invest more time in this.

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Maybe I did not communicate it in a clear way. I agree with problem statement - it would be better to occupy less vertical space. But so far I cannot agree with proposed solution, and I provided arguments why. I personally, do not see any contradictions here. To me it was a discussion of possible solutions, sorry if I offended you, did not have it in mind at all!


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