no compatible agent: ant

ok, so I tried to install a buildAgent on a different machine (not the server)
and deactivated the buildAgent on the server.
Now it says "no compatible agent" Incompatible runner: 'Ant'

I have no clue what to do or where to look for what to do. Getting started & faq gives no information.
Search in support forum hints to that there might be a problem with a firewall, but instead of continued trial and error it would be nice to get some more information.

Thank you.

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documentation says "make sure no firewall is running" on build machine.
My problem occurs with the windows firewall running and I guess company policy will not allow just shutting it down.
a) is the firewall causing the no compatible agent problem?
b) is there any way to run the build agent on a machine which runs the windows firewall?

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Hello Michael,

TeamCity server tries to access build agent using the port specified in buildAgent/conf/ file. Please make sure this port is open on buildAgent for incoming TCP connections.

With regard to "incompatible runner:Ant" message - please make sure that on the build agent there is buildAgent/plugins directory with 'ant' subdirectory. If there is no such directory, try removing 'plugins' and restarting buildAgent.

If all above won't help, please file Jira request at and provide logs from both build agent and server (logs/teamcity.log).

With kind regards,


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