Ant tasks from IPR runner (again)

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We're using JAXB in our project, and we have various pre-compile stages that build JAXB plugins, use the plugins to compile schemas to java code, and then compile the project with those objects. The first two stages are in Ant tasks triggered using a Before Compilation trigger. This all works fine in local, and in TeamCity the Ant configuration works, but the IPR runner fails because JAXB can't find the plugin classes. It seems to be a JAXB problem, is there any way I can diagnose this? Can I set Ant to be verbose for triggered tasks (if not, I should definitely be able to)? I believe the IPR runner simply creates an Ant build file behind the scenes, can I capture this file and try it in local? Any advice gratefully accepted, this is driving me crazy.


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Colin, you can find generated ant script under the name integrationBuild.xml in buildAgent/work/Server/project_name/ directory. In the latest TeamCity 2.1 EAP you can also use explicit pre-build ant tasks if needed.

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