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Before I create an issue for this, I wondered if this was already discussed or a JIRA issue was already created for it:

When a build reports of changes it contains both in the UI and in email, it is for the changes since the last build rather than the last successful build. It seems to me it should be since the last successful build.



Hi Dave,

In fact, we have an issue that changes page should contain a tab "Since last successful":
Show Changes Since Last Successful Build as a separate view on the Changes page

Some times there are a lot of unsuccessful builds, so view Since Last Successful can be really large and unusable. So I think it should be considered as an option only.



Okay. Thanks for the response, Kir.

However, I don't understand why there would be a lot of unsuccessful builds and therefore
lots of changes before there would be a successful one. If broken builds go unchecked for
long periods of time and developers continue to check-in changes to a code path even
though the last build(s) was/were broken that defeats the purpose of continuous integration.
This indicates either a poorly setup build schedule or a pretty bad disconnect between
developers and release engineering. TeamCity already includes tools to prevent this
scenario from happening.

Anyway, that's my opinion,


I think I misunderstood how this worked. Once I looked at several build results, particularly
failed ones, after installing TeamCity 2.1 I understand and approve of the way it works. It
looks like there are tabs for "In this build" & "Since last successful build" for all failed builds
only. That is a fine solution in the TeamCity UI. One question: Is there a way to have email
always display changes since the last successful build or have it display what the tabs
display for failed builds: changes in the build & changes since the last successful build.




Currently there is no pattern for changes since last successful build which could be inserted into
the notification. It is possible to write a pattern extension to TeamCity which will include such
changes. Some details on how to write such a plugin are available here:

To get changes since last successful build you'll need to use method Build#getChanges()

Otherwise, please file a Jira request.

Kind regards,


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