Reported TestNG test count resets to 0 on each test run

Hey all,

As part of my build I have multiple modules/steps each of which run
their own set of TestNG tests. The first module runs say 120 tests, and
the last module only has 2 tests.

Unfortunately, TeamCity seems to pick this last iteration and shows
"Tests passed: 2" rather than say a total of all tests ran.

I'm not generated any teamcity.xml or anything to generate this so I
assume TeamCity's TestNG plugin is handling this - is there anyway to
make Teamcity report a total count?

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Hi Mark,

This looks like a bug, TeamCity should definitely report the total test count.
While build is running, did you see messages like Tests passed: 100 during the first steps of your build? What is shown on the Tests tab of the build (I assume you're using Benares)?

Kind regards,


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