ClearCase - Getting Sources on Server Takes Hours


I haven't seen any recent discussions on this topic. We have a rather large code base (25k+ files, of which 15k+ are source). Having requested a remote run, the TeamCity server started a build on its local agent. However, it's been getting sources for nearly 4 hours now. Tomcat is eating up a steady 35-40% of the cpu and, judging from the IO Writes, is getting files very, very slowly. Our view consists of about 2.2 GB of data, and at this point only 1.1 GB has been processed.

We're using ClearCase, the build configuration is set with a checkout mode of "Automatically on server" and checks for changes in the source control every 15 minutes.

Any hints or suggestions on how this can be sped up?


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Well, after about 5 hours of "getting sources", the build failed. Looking at the logs, I noticed that it failed on issuing an lsvtree command:



is a path of 175 characters (I'm guessing the length is an issue?).

In any case, looking around I found the following thread which describes, in details, the source of the problem. Unfortunately, it means TeamCity is completely unusable for us until this issue is resolved.

I'll mark this thread as answered so that further discussion take place in the existing thread.


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