Subversion "Enable external support" doesn't checkout externals

Hi All,

I am using TeamCity 3.0.1 with Subversion as our VCS.

I am running into problems checking out a project from Subversion. We have the source code in a single directory. All of the dependencies are retrieved using svn:externals into a subdirectory called "externels".

I noticed TeamCity was not checking out the externals by looking in "BuildAgent\work" directory. I made sure that I checked "Enable external support" for the Edit VCS configuration page and that still doesn't check out the externals.

I even deleted the VCS configuration and created it scratch and have yet to get TeamCity to check out externals. I even limited my check out to just the externals directory with no luck.

Has anybody got svn:externals to work with TeamCity? Are there any tricks to get it to work?

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Hello Steve,

what checkout mode do you use, "checkout on server" or "checkout on agent"?
Could you please create JIRA issue and attach there a result of

svn pg svn:externals ${}

? I want to see how externals are configured.

Does "test connection" work for the root? Please answer in JIRA.

Thanks for the feedback!

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I'm using them in over 30 build configurations. Some even have recursive externals.

Never had a single issue so far.


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