programmatically pulling artifacts from repository

I have a build configuration building and publishing artifacts (.war files) where I want them to be.

I'd like our deployment system to grab the latest builds and do something with them. So far I haven't been able to make this work, because hitting the URL returns the login page. Adding http user/pwd auth to the request doesn't seem to help. How are others getting at their artifacts inside teamcity when it requires logging in?

Sample URL:

From a remote script, currently returning login.html.

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Change your URL to /teamcity/httpAuth/repository/download/]]>/latest.lastSuccessful/deploy/app.war, and then you can use your teamcity credentials with basic authentication. You can also use guestAuth instead of httpAuth if you have guest access enabled.

For more, see the help article "Patterns for Accessing Build Artifacts":

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Missed that page. Exactly what I needed, thanks.


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