How can I move the data directory?

I'd like to move the .BuildServer directory out of the home directory of the user it is running under, but I can't figure out how to change the property.

I'm running TeamCity on Windows. I tried changing the command line for the service to include -DC:\TeamCity\.BuildServer, but this didn't seem to change anything.

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If you run TeamCity as service then you should modify service parameters. The following command opens service parameters dialog:
TeamCity/bin/tomcat6w.exe //ES//TeamCity

Switch to "Java" tab, and in the Java Options textarea modify or add property:]]>

After that you should restart service.

Pavel Sher

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I first copied the entire .BuildServer structure from the home directory to the new location.

I then simply created an environment variable as follows:

SET TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH=C:\TeamCity\ServerConfig\.BuildServer

After restarting the application, everything went like clockwork.


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