Build Dependencies

Hello All.

I'm new to TeamCity and am starting to get the system figured out. A major roadblock I have now is chaining a bunch of build togethers. My problem is like this:

I want to start one build that is triggered off of a perforce change. When that build is successfully completed I want to fire off 3 other builds. If the initial build fails, I want to fire it off again until it's fixed. Once all the other three builds are complete, then and only then, do I want the initial build to start polling perforce to see if it should start again. I CANNOT have the initial build building while the other three are building. It MUST wait until the other three are complete.

I'm pretty sure I could figure a solution out if Team City supported multiple dependencies. Ie Build B and Build C are dependent on A, which is in turn dependent on both Build B and C...but it doesn't seem to me Team City supports this.

Does any one have a solution, or any ideas? Any help would be most appreciated.



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