Build Agent IP changed

I can't understand...

After installing TeamCity there was 1 build agent (local). It have local IP, like was corretly writen in build agent properties. But today it have IP '', according to propeties. Why??

I found message in logs 'Agent Sevilia is unauthorized with comment: Agent host changed, was:, now:'

I don't know why it is changed. May be it is becouse our local network is connected to Internet through ADSL with dynamic IP?

But problem is that I can't change IP in build agent properties in server to correct one, and build agent now always is 'disconnected'

How can I change it?


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You don't need to change the IP. The only thing you need to do is authorizing the build agent (in Agent tab, then Unauthorized agents sub tab).

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Nope. I authorize it, but it is in 'disconnected' state neverless.

'Ping failed' it said. Of course failed - it pings wrong IP...

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Yesterday I've changed 'agent name', 'ownport' and 'onwaddress' in conf\, it did nothing, even after restart all services, but today agent name and IP changed to new settings and it is avalible again.

I am still not sure what to do to prevent such behavior in future...

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Seems, your agent machine can change its IP (or it has several interfaces).

There are two issues with that:
- when agent changes its IP it will be considered another agent and will be automatically unauthorized on the server. This behaviour is addressed in the current sources, and the fix will be available only in the next TeamCity version. The next EAP release will already have the fix.

- the agent may become disconnected from the server. You can get additional details on that in the server log. To prevent that, you should specify "ownAddress" property in the file and set it to the host name that is network-accessible form the server.

Generally speaking, it's good to ensure agent machine does not change it's IP address.

Best regards,

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