Waisting Time in artifact search


How I can configure builders to disable artifact search?

Every time after build was finished TeamCity scanning working folder for artifacts.
Artifacts path setting is empty.

\[13:01:01\]: \[Publishing artifacts\] Will process paths: \[teamcity-info.xml\]
\[13:01:01\]: Publishing artifacts 'teamcity-info.xml' to root artifacts directory
\[13:02:59\]: Artifacts path teamcity-info.xml not found
\[13:07:20\]: Build finished

Waisting 5 minutes every time.

Edited by: Alexander Shishenin on May 29, 2008 1:12 PM

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Hello Alexander,

What version of TeamCity do you use? We've fixed similar bug in TeamCity 3.1
As a simple workaround, place file teamcity-info.xml with content '<build/>' to the root directory of the build.

Hope this helps,

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TeamCity 3.0.1 and will soon upgrade to 3.1

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So please use the workaround until the upgrade. In TeamCity 3.1 the problem has been fixed.


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