Build log markup from Ant's script task

There seems to be a difference between languages used within "script" task in an Ant target. Here is an example output in TC build log (actual test files/test names changed for simplicity):

This can be produced either with "concat" task created inside "script" task with JavaScript or with "puts" call with Ruby inside "script" task. I can't quite show the difference here because there is no color markup, but with JavaScript, text in square brackets (i.e. \[sometestfile/sometest\]) was colored brown/orange and the rest was black. With Ruby, all text is black. I found it easier to read with colored text as it was easier to see what was a service message and what was printed to stdout. I just switched to Ruby and would really like this functionality there. If I run the build file in an IDE, which shall not be named :), JavaScript "concat" task shows up as "\[concat\]" in the output within the IDE, but appears as "\[script\]" in TC. For Ruby, "puts" call appears as "\[script\]" in both IDE and TC. I don't know if other languages supported by "script" show this behavior, but I am curious to hear if anyone had seen something similar/different, whether it's a bug, or it's something I may be doing wrong.


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Could you please submit an issue in our tracker and attach there your Ant build.xml snippet and build log produced by TeamCity?

Pavel Sher

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Awaiting resolution in the issue tracker.


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