Perforce sync to label?


I'm trying to set up build dependencies such that build A on successful completion creates a label and triggers builds B, C and D. But for B, C and D I need to sync to the label that build A created. Is this possible without a lot of customization? Unfortunately saving artifacts as part of build A only gets me so far and doesn't give me all that I need.

I'm trying to do as much as I can via Ant targets but our build files change often enough that having the build files to p4 syncs as a workaround is problematic.


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I am afraid this scenario is not possible in TeamCity 3.x unless you handle checkout in your code (TeamCity plugin or build scripts).

TeamCity 4.0 will have the ability to depend one build configuration (A) on another (B) so that both use the sources from the same moment and triggering A will automatically trigger B if B has pending changes.

The next EAP release (hope, we will get rid of critical issues and release it in a week or so) will already has this dependency feature in it's basic implementation.

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Thanks Yegor. Looking forward to all the 4.0 features and fixes!


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