How do I configure a build runner (msbuild) to check out from svn locally?

I have configured a windows box with ms VS 2005 to run as a build agent for our linux based teamcity server. I had it set to check out source on the server but it can't find the directories on the builder (kinda makes sense) so I changed to have the builder do a local checkout and got:

Build errors
: Cannot find agent side vcs support for svn

What do I need to do to fix this?
I couldn't find a solution in the docs but maybe I was looking in the wrong place?

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Can you provide more details about your TeamCity server version and screenshots of your configuration (VCS settings, VCS root settings and build runner settings)?

Pavel Sher

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Actually, I saw another thread where the solution was to reinstall the build agent. I did that and that message went away.
Thanks TC 3.1.2 on RHEL 5 java 6.


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