Nunit file execution not supported

I have a C# solution file, which contains the couple of individual test projects.  When we build the solution file, it will create the dlls for each project and copied to output folder. We use Nunit tool for execution of the test cases and earlier we manually executes the test cases using Nunit.
The manual selection of each assembly and execution of the test cases is a time taken process, 
So we have created “Tests. Nunit file", which have the details of all the assemblies files. When we give the “Tests.Nunit file” to Nunit tool, it will execute all the assemblies.

Currently we are planning to use TeamCity for building the solution and execution of test cases. I am using the Teamcity 4.0.2 and msbuild as a build runner. When I tried to execute “.Nunit file”
I am getting the following error and I didn’t see the following error when I execute the individual assembly.

I don’t know the reason, why i am getting the above error.

NUnit Error: Could not load file or assembly 'Z:\dnedp\nt-36\debug\Tests.nunit' or one of its dependencies. The module was expected to contain an assembly manifest.

Could you please let me know , whether TeamCity supports .Nunit file execution or not.


Here i am attaching the build log file

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TeamCity <NUnit> MSBuild task does not support running from .nunit file. Could you please consider using NUnit-Console.exe tu run tests. TeamCity provides Addin for NUnit to make tests reporting on the fly. Please have a look to documentation page on that Addin:



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