TeamCity 4.5 with NUnit 2.5.0


I've been running my projects with NUnit 2.5.0 Beta 1 on TeamCity 4.0.2 and TeamCity 4.5 for some time and there were no issues (although TeamCity *should* only support NUnit 2.5.0 Alpha 3). So I thought I could upgrade to NUnit 2.5.0 Final without trouble.

Well, it seems that all Tests that use the ExpectedExceptionAttribute fail even when the expected exception is thrown.

Is there an update coming for TeamCity 4.5 with support for NUnit 2.5.0?
Any quick fix that I can use in the meantime, besides downgrading back to the Beta of NUnit?

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Found a workaround:

I converted all tests using the ExpectedExceptionAttribute to the new Assert.Throws<>() method and this seems to work for TeamCity.

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Today I did an experimental migration from NUnit 2.2.8 to 2.5.0 final and noticed this problem, too. Unfortunately, converting our whole test suite from using ExpectedException attribute to Assert.Throws is impossible.

So, is there already a schedule for the next minor release that could fix this issue?

Regards, Christian

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  I believe TeamCity 4.5.1 contains the fix for the issue.



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