Catching GWT compilation failure

We are uing GWT in a Grails IntelliJ project. GWT is Java code but with it's own JRE emulation library.

Use case : source error in GWT (java) code

Trying a remote TeamCirtt v4.5 build shows the gwt source failure in the log but this does not cause failure. Is there any way to set this up currently or is it perhaps planned for a future release?

Thanks, Tom.

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If this message is shown in build log in red try to enable "fail build if an error message is logged by build runner" at the general settings tab of the build configuration.

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Have that set alright. Think the issue is that though the GWT compiler catches the error:

[java] java result 1 (in red)

error build failed
the error is not then caught by team city which next reports

process exit code 0


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