Missing agent properties

I'm in the process of upgrading my TeamCity install from 4.0.1 to 4.5.3. The upgrade process described in the documentation was followed (my install is on Windows 2003 via MSI files).

Our builds are scripted with FinalBuilder 6, and run from TeamCity via the command line runner.

On TeamCity 4.0.1 all the properties (agent, build configuration, predefined, etc.) were available to the finalbuilder script. Specifically, we read teamcity.dotnet.nunitlauncher to determine the path to the nunitlauncher on a particular build agent.

On TeamCity 4.5.3 none (or very few) of the properties are available. FinalBuilder reports that the propertie do not exist. The environment variable TEAMCITY_BUILD_PROPERTIES_FILE does exist, and it points to a file (in the case of this particular build) C:\BuildAgent\temp\agentTmp\teamcity.build12122.properties, which in turn contains the properties I'm looking for - for example teamcity.dotnet.nunitlauncher.

My question is why are these properties no longer available in the environment, as they were in TeamCity 4.0.1?

Thanks for any help,



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