Build artifacts + windows sharing on XP

I'm having a strange problem sharing artifacts via standard windows simple filesharing.  Our build agents and build server are all XP Home virtual machines, and are otherwise standard installs and working fine.  To help in testing, I shared out the artifacts directory on the build server.  For some reason though, on the artifacts added by subsequent builds, the "Everyone" user doesn't have access to .exe, .xml, and certain other types of files, meaning they can't be copied via the share.
Checking the ACLs with cacls.exe, other file types like .txt or .config have the expected "Everyone:R" flag, and can be copied.

I've manually created .exe and .txt files and they work fine.  I can also run "cacls . /E /T /G Everyone:R" and fix things for existing files, but the newer ones won't work of course.

I'm probably missing something simple.  Any ideas what it is?

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What TeamCity server is doing to add new artifact:
  - create file in <TeamCity server>/temp folder
  - move this file to artifacts folder

Please check what rights will new file have if it was create in temp filder of in artifacts folder.
Could that depend on the user accout that is used to run build agent service?
Probably moving file may inherit some security information.



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