Can TeamCity’s .NET NUnitaddin process csproj files?

To cut to the chase, can the TeamCity .NET NUnitLauncher process Microsoft csproj files?

I ask this question because of the following.

I have a NANT build script. In this script I have a number of tests which use nunit-console.exe (which ships with NUnit v2.5.2).

An example of a test in my Nant build file is:

    <target name="x.Commons.Tests" depends="xCore">
         <exec program="${nunit-console.exe}" commandline="${nunit-console.args} Core\x.Commons.Tests\x.Commons.Tests.csproj" failonerror="${nunit-console.failonerror}"/>

FailOnError is set to false, and the nunit-console.args is set to '/nologo'.

When I run these tests on my local machine I get test output. However when I instruct TeamCity to build my NAnt build file, and instruct it to process the test targets I get no test output to TeamCity. I can see in the log that nunit-colsole.exe is producing test result output but Im not seeing this in the TeamCity dashboard.

After reading around I found some articles indicating that extra steps are required to get this input into TeamCity. Hence I modified my test to:

        <target name="x.Configuration.Tests" depends="xCore">
           <mkdir dir="C:\Tools\NUnit\bin\net-2.0\addins"/>
           <copy file="${teamcity.dotnet.nunitaddin}-2.5.0.dll" todir="C:\Tools\NUnit\bin\net-2.0\addins"/>
           <copy file="${teamcity.dotnet.nunitaddin}-2.5.0.pdb" todir="C:\Tools\NUnit\bin\net-2.0\addins"/>
           <exec program="${nunit-console.exe}" commandline="${nunit-console.args} Core\x.Configuration.Tests\x.Configuration.Tests.csproj" failonerror="${nunit-console.failonerror}"/>

Note that I also made sure the <probing> tag contains an entry of  'addins'.

However, as before I can see by inspecting the log that the tests are working as the nunit-console.exe displays its results in the log, but Im getting no output to TeamCity.

An answer to my question, or any help would be appreciated!

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Hi Eugene,

Thanks for the reply.

I've updated the StackOverflow post, and I'm happy to say that your advice has been most useful!


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