SVN labelling issue

I'm trying to label a build that is made of multiple checkouts like this:


where 123 in Build-123 is the build number.
I'm trying to achieve this by using the following labelling rules:


And this labelling pattern:

I was hoping that TeamCity would create the BUILD-123 tag and copy the contents of Folder1 and Folder2 into it. However I get the following error:

Failed: Failed to set label 'BUILD-123': Svn labeling failed: Cannot copy 'Root/trunk/Folder1', 'Root/trunk/Folder2' to the same directory 'Root/tags/ProjectA/CO-BUILD-123'

I'm using TeamCity 5 with Subversion 1.6



Hi! That's the same target folder!
It may be a limitation.




That's right and the whole point!

I need to have all the folders that have participated in my build to be tagged under the same folder. So I will end up with /Root/tags/ProjectA/Folder1 and /Root/tags/ProjectA/Folder2


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