New user:trying to use TC with SVN and Xcode

Hi All

I've downloaded TC yesterday, and i am giving it a try to see if i can put up a server that takes care of checking builds and code committed (we are located in different places so is impossible to tell when someone will break a build).

My objective is to have a Mac Mini running TC; attached to SVN and that has installed Xcode (our project is a Mac App); but looking around so far I've found not too much related to this kind of setup, so I hope that someone can give me a hand to get my feet wet and start to learn TC.

1) I was able to launch the server on my machine, using the local address, but i do not know how to access it from another machine (tried to copy the TC folder in the web folder on the mac, and changed the url in TC settings to the url of the machine (eg, and using the internal ip on my network (eg planet:8080) but it won't work; when i try to go to the url i get the dummy index page from Apache, not the TC login page

2) I was able to set up a project and attach it to SVN, but i cannot find any hook for xcode, so I do not know what do I have to use to have TC launching xcode and run all the tests and compile it.

I would really appreciate for any pointer to any post/website that could guide me on the right path; I understand that maybe TC is not designed to be ran in the way that i am implementing it, but i have seen it running web projects and i like it a lot :)

Thanks in advance!

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Guess nobody knows how to resolve my problem....this means that I have to find another build system.

Thanks anyway

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Sorry for delay.

1) Please provide more details on how you installed TeamCity server. Did you use war file or tar.gz? Did you modify Tomcat configuration files? Did you install Apache web server before the Tomcat.

2) There is separate plugin for XCode, see Build tools section:
But we are not supporting it, and are not maintaining it. So in case of any problems you have to contact plugin developers. Another option is to starft XCode from the command line runner.


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