Agent immediately disconnects

I have Teamcity Version 5.1.2 (build  13430) running on Ubuntu Linux. We have an Agent also on Ubuntu running on a separate box, and an agent running on the Teamcity server itself. The Agent running on the separate box refuses to stay connected. It starts up nicely, connects, and then immediately disconnects. The agent screen always looks like this:

Status                                                 Disconnected (Cannot  access agent), last communication date 05 Jul 10 18:22

Where the date/time is one or two minutes ago. It refuses to run a single build. This happened suddenly today, without clear cause. I've rebooted the Teamcity server, the Agent server, and it still just wont stay connected. The local agent is always connected and runs builds just fine.

Any thoughts on where to find info / log files / ... that might give some clues? Thanks!

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What I noticed just after posting: Teamcity thinks its a local agent in the agent information tab. It tells me:

Authorized with comment: Locally installed agent is authorized by default

and displays the hostname / IP address of the Teamcity server instead of the Agent machine. Does it mix up the local and remote agents? It does get the system properties and environment variables right though.

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Build agent performs autoupgrade on the very first start. While upgrading build agent is seen as disconnected. Upgrade process may take up to 10min (depending no hardware and machine load). To make build agent work, please stop it, reinstall, kill all java processes and that start build agent and wait.

Please check also that build agent is able to communicate with TeamCity server and TeamCity server is able to communicate with build agent (by default port 9090 is used on agent).

Build agent upgrade process is started from build agent process. It's supposed that build agent running user account has enough rights to create/remove files and directories under build agent directory.

Please attach build agent logs


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