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We want to create projects that contain a set of configrations performing a range of actions on an identical vcs root.  Each configuration would typically be one of:

  1. perform a set of target builds - collecting inspection statistics
  2. build a host simulation build and run a set of tests - collecting inspection statistics, test results and optionally code coverage.
  3. run lint (or other code analysis tools) on the build - collecting inspection statistics.

In this scenario, it would be useful to be able to determine an overall project level status including:

  1. In progress change status - vcs change id, % complete
  2. last change status - vcs change id, passed, failed
  3. last successful change status - vcs change id

Is it possible to achieve this functionality either:

  1. With the current version of TeamCity,
  2. Planned (or likely to be considered for) a future version of TeamCity
  3. With a hand coded plugin.



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Sorry for the delay. The question is still actual with latest TeamCity release?

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