Unittest suddenly not working anymore (Nunit runner 2.5.5)

We have an msbuild runner, which compiles all the unittest projects. all was working fine, but suddenly (we made no changes to the configuration nor to the sourcecode) the build configuration failed. The buildscript is still executed without errors, but the nunit tests dont work anymore. Here is a snippet from the log:

[10:45:40]: MSBuild output:
[10:45:40]: ******************* Program Output *******************
[10:45:40]: Process 'JetBrains.TeamCity.PlatformProcessRunner.x86' [PID 3392] has begun profiling.
[10:45:40]: Failed to start tests run. No runner implementations found.
[10:45:40]: 2010-07-27 10:45:38,896 [1868] ERROR JetBrains.BuildServer.NAntLoggers.NUnitLauncher2 - Failed to start tests run. No runner implementations found.
[10:45:40]: Process 'JetBrains.TeamCity.PlatformProcessRunner.x86' [PID 3392] has finished profiling.

[10:45:40]: ***************** End Program Output *******

What does this mean?

We use Teamcity 5.1.2

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It seems build agent installation is corrupted. Please do the following:
- stop build agent
- remove <build agent>/plugins folder
- start build agent agail
- wait (up to 7min) while build agent autoupgrades and connect back to TeamCity.
- try running the build again

What NUnit version do you use? How do you start TeamCity NUnit tests?


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