Server handling on - (exclude) perforce client mappings

How does the server currently handle - (exclude) mappings when you specify a perforce client spec ?

I have a very large client spec with lots of exclude mappings to reduce the size from about 5GB to 2GB...

When I check the source tree on the build agent it shows 2GB but the server logs says it transmitted 5GB.

Would adding a TeamCity checkout rule improve things ?

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   I'm afraid changing from Perforce exclude rules to TeamCity checkout exclude rules won't change the situation.
  TeamCity transfers all data from all included Perforce depots to the server, and than sends to build agent files considering checkout rules and perforce exclude mapping.

  So, in your case, TeamCity should transfer 5 Gb from Perforce server to TeamCity and transfer 2Gb from TeamCity server to build agents.

  I'm afraid we cannot impove situation with this unless you'll use checkout on agent mode for Perforce (BTW, we're going to release another EAP build in a couple of days - you may want to try it out).

  Best regards,

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When is ver 6 planning to be released ?

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Our current plans are to release 6.0 in November.


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