Upgrade TC 3.1.1 -> TC 5.1.4 doesn't work


TC 3.1.1 runs with external database MySQL.

I've tried to upgrade to TC 5.1.4 doing the following steps:

1. I've stopped the services: TC Build Agent and TC Web Server

2. I 've uninstalled TC 3.1.1 by Add/Remove Programs (in the Uninstall Program I klicked Build Agent Log files, Build Agent configuration files, Build Agent work directory)

3. I've modified the following files (like i've read in TW-11813):




4. I've installed TC 5.1.4

5. I've installed the database driver in /.BuildServer/lib/jdbc

6. I've started the services: TC Web Server and TC Build Agent

If I open the browser, there is still an error (i've put the log files after starting the services).

What's the problem?

Thanks for help!

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Hello Carsten,

According to the logs user account specified in database properties file doesn't have enough permissions to create table. Please use another  one with with sufficient permissions.

Just a note, issue TW-11813 is already fixed so there was no need to change these files.

Kind regards,

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That was in fact the mistake. Now everything works fine.

Thanks very much!


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