Issue tracking links in notification e-mails?


I was wondering if anyone's tried to modify the notification e-mail templates to get them to show the issue tracking information, specifically issue summary and hyperlink info. I can see that the build_changes macro in common.ftp defines the jetbrains.buildServer.notification.impl.ChangesBean bean, and from that I should be able to get the SBuild, which has a getRelatedIssues() method -- am I going about this the right way? Will this do what I want? And also, if anyone's actually done this successfully - can they share their FTL? :)


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SBuild.getRelatedIssues will give you the list of the issues related to the build and changes in it. You can thus compose a list of a-hrefs using it.
But if you want to see the links right inside comments, just like in TeamCity UI, that is a bit complicated and is not supported out-of-the-box.
You can write a simple extension (TeamCity plugin) that will prepare the data for the notification system. Essentially for each change you will have to parse the issues and replace it with the a-href tag.



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