Build fails when mixing java and groovy source


I have java and groovy source in the same project. TeamCity won't build my project. It can't resolve my reference to a groovy class in java source. I am using the ipr runner on TeamCity 5.1.5.

I have no problem building my project in IntelliJ. Also, the ant build generated by IntelliJ has no such problem.

Any ideas?


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Groovy projects are not supported by IPR runner in TeamCity 5.1.x.

In TeamCity 6.0 we are migrating IPR runner from a Ant-based tool to JPS (IntelliJ IDEA build system). JPS is capable of building projects with Groovy, so TeamCity should support that too in Teamcity 6.0 EAPs.

I would appreciate if you try IntelliJ IDEA runner in 6.0 EAP to check whether it has the issue you are describing or not.

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When will it available? Can you give us an ETA?


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EAP builds are already avaiable. TeamCity 6.0 will hopefully be released around end of November.
However, if you can try EAP build on a test server to check how it woksin your particular case, that would be helpful.


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