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I have a build configuration that should be started manually and very carefully.

Is it possible to protect it?

For example show some prompt like "Are you sure that you want to start build? This will cause ....".

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There is no such option.

You can try to move the build configuration to a separate project and carefully assign user roles to grant permission to run the build only for certain users. (this requires Enterprise TeamCity mode).

A simple workaround protection can be achieved by requiring a property with a certain value in the build script (and failing otherwise). You can then provide the property via Custom Build Run dialog.

Maybe the issue will help in a way: it addresses popping the Custom build dialog on every Run button click.

Also, the functionality can be tried to be implemented as a plugin to TeamCity.

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Dear Yegor,

I have the same problem and postet another thread:

Could you please explain me, what you mean by "Custom Build Run dialog"? I just found the option to set "Configuration Parameters". But how can I let a dialog appear after pressing "Run..."?

Thank you.

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Here's my work-around: make a command-line software (with Cor anything) that cout "WARNING: blabla. Press y to continue". Loop while the input is not exactly "y". 

Once you have that, add this software in Before Lunch of your critical build config.

When you press your dangerous build, it will ask you permission. It will not continue until y has been pressed, and if you press the red box (stop execution) it will not carry on and do the dangerous stuff. 

Simple. Easy to make. Works!


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