artifacts dependency

i'm struggling to understand artifacts dependency..
this is what i'm trying to achieve:
- create a new project to deploy nightly builds
- the nightly build should use the last working build from project y
- project y is being built with MSBuild.
- project y completes a build when a change has been made.

so here's what i've done so far:
- created a new project [project y nightly]
- created a build trigger: Schedule trigger: daily at hh:mm
- created a artifact dependency
   - artifact dependency settings:
       - Depend on: [Project Y] :: [configuration name]
       - Get artifacts from: last successful build
       - Artifacts path: [what do i enter here? how do i know what path to use? i want to use the build files which have been built from project y]
       - Destination Path: \\[server name]\wwwroot\[application name nightly build]
       - Clean directory before downloading artifacts: true

for testing purposes, i've manually entered the IIS location from project Y, so for example:     
- Artifacts Path: \\[server name]\wwwroot\[application name]\*.*

i get the following error:

[11:59:55]: Absolute path is specified as destination directory: "\\[server name]\wwwroot\[application name nightly build]"
This is dangerous because some system files or files not related to this build can be deleted or overwritten on an agent.
Consider using relative path as destination directory.

[11:59:55]: Dependency resolving started...
[11:59:55]: Downloading artifacts from: http://[team city server]
[12:00:11]: Failed to  download artifact dependency <[Project Y] :: [Config] (last successful  build)>: Error looking up artifact dependency.
Cannot find last successful build in build configuration "
[Project Y] :: [Config]".
This error can be caused by one of the following reasons:
- build referenced in the dependency does not exist
- build configuration does not exist
- build server URL is not specified correctly on the server configuration page
- there is not enough permissions to access this build configuration (jetbrains.buildServer.artifacts.ResolvingFailedException)

[12:00:11]: Failed to download 1 of 1 artifact dependencies
[12:00:11]: Dependency resolving finished

any suggestions on where i'm going wrong?i assumed it would copy everything from 1 directory to another.


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ah i notice this is because i dont have any artifacts being created for the project.
any idea why this project isnt generating msbuild artifacts?

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Please provide build log of the configuration that generating artifacts and settings of this configuration.

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ah it was because i hadnt selected an artifact path..its working now.
but im in crossed minds on how i should be correctly configuring this...

i want to perform a nightly build of a project but only of the last working version.
do i need to create an entire new project in teamcity with duplicate configration options from the project i want to perform a nightly build for?
or is there a way i should be performing the latest working build from within the same project configuration?
does this make sense to you?

basically, what i have now is my msbuild deploys to a release directory within teamcity build directory.
i have a second (duplicate) project which obtains the artifacts from the original project and deploys them to IIS on my target server for the nightlybuild.

this seems overly complicated.  any suggestions on how i should be doing this via team city?



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