Sizing TeamCity server for Enterprise

   I am looking at deploying Teamcity server as CI engine across our development teams. There are nearly 4000 users and around 500 projects (average of 5 build configurations per project). I am looking at having one instance for the above mentioned load (as team city is not clusterable). Can any one suggest what should be the hardware and jvm sizing for such kind of deployment? Any documents or information around this will be very useful please? What is teamcity's view on such deployments especially around scability and high availability?


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Please review the related section in our documentation.

The actual TeamCity performance depends on a number of factors and it's hard to give specific recommendations.

My rough guess would be that 4 CPU cores and 4Gb of memory devoted to TeamCity JVM should be enough for a large installation like you describe, if your builds do not impose specific requirements.

We are aware of several large TeamCity installations with at least comparable number of projects and more then 50 agents. TeamCity performance is mostly OK, while it required fine-tuning on several occasions.

Anyway, it is recommended to increase the load on the server gradually and watch performance.

If you encounter any performance issues while increasing the load, please let us know: we will need to investigate your case specifically and come up with a solution or recommendations.


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