How to change the time of a Build Scheduler trigger inherited from a template?

Hi -

We have a lot of TeamCity build configurations inheriting from a common template configuration.  The template includes a Build Scheduler trigger to run the configuration at 10pm each night.

Some configurations should be run at different times from the default, either because they interfere which other builds or because they need to run during other regions' overnight period.

Is there any way to use Configuration Parameters in the Build Scheduler launch time?  Then I could set a default time for the build on the template, but allow modification on the concrete instances where necessary.

-thanks, Barney

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You cannot change exisitng trigger, but you can add new in the build configuratio nusing a temaplte (available since TeamCity 5.1, see TW-11215). If you need redefinition, feel free to file a new feature request with a detail on why.


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