Out of disk space on Build Server

I have run out of disk space on the build server C:\ partion where I have installed TeamCity, it's not to do with the artifacts as the home/working directory is on the E:\ drive and I see that C:\TeamCity\Temp is taking up more than 50 GB of data.

Is it safe to clean this folder? Is there a setting somewhere that ensures no more than a given size is allocated to the temp folder on the server?


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Hi Alex

Yes, it's safe to clear the folder. But please stop the server process first.

50 Gb is an unusually high amount, so to prevent such problems in future, that would make sense to find a root cause.
We recently had similar issue with TFS: http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/TW-15026. Is that your case?
If not, take a look what kind of files occupy the most of the space?


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Looks to be the same, I'll try it out, thanks.

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Appears to be fixed after applying the patch.


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