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Since we are the vendors of TeamCity our opinion is very biased. Not necessarily because we are not objective, but because we know all about TeamCity but our Hudson experience is quite limited (naturally, as we use TeamCity ourselves!)

Some brief list of items that I'd mention as probbaly TeamCity's benefits over Hudson:

  • Pre-tested commit
  • On the fly tests reporting: if you have long builds with TeamCity  you do not need to wait for the build to finish to see passed/failed  tests.
  • Tests analysis tools, like determining new failed tests vs. the  ones that were failing in the previous build. Determining "first failed  in build" for a failed test.
  • Personalized notifications/user-configurable notifications.
  • Web User Interface seems more informative/usable in TeamCity.
  • Snapshot dependencies between the builds.
  • Per-project user roles and permissions.
  • Probably more deep .Net integration.
  • IDE plugins
  • Bundled Duplicates Finder for Java and .Net, Java and .Net code  coverage, code inspections for Java/JavaScript/HTML. All these powered  by JetBrains products.

Also, some general single vendor vs. comuunity driven issues apply. Amongst vendor benefits one can notice deeper features integration across the entire product and more coherent feel and behavior of the product.

We would be happy to see here other comments on the topic (as long as this does not turn into flame thread).

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I've deployed both in the past, for similar continuous integration jobs.

I would say that TeamCity is a more mature product but still has plenty of extension points if you need to customise its behaviour.

If you absolutely want to have all the source code then Hudson has that, but I would give TeamCity a try first.  For our uses it just did much more "out of the box" so we chose that over Hudson.

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We have used both in my company.  While I agree with the many "pros" listed for TC, I will point out one thing that has struck me as a gap on the TC side: the ability to group builds or projects together as can be done in Hudson (the tabs on a Hudson homepage).  I've summarized my feelings in TW-6377 and mention this in hopes that Jetbrains will be able to put together a "close gaps with Hudson / Jenkins" project and fill in the few holes between it and the free product.  (Note: Due to trademark concerns with Oracle, the Hudson project is going to rename the open-source application as Jenkins; see http://www.hudson-labs.org/content/hudsons-future for details.)

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Thanks, thats the sort of thing I am interested in.
I have used TeamCity a few times on small projects but a collegue was raving about Hudson recently (although when I installed it I couldn't immediately see why).
From my limited use it looks to me like TeamCity is as far ahead of Hudson as IDEA is over eclipse, but I am still interested if anyone else has any extra pros for Hudson that might not be immediatly obvious to someone like me who hasn't used either in a huge amount of depth.

BTW The link to TW-6377 that Marks mentions is http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/TW-6377


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