Problems running tcc.jar under Linux

So we finally upgraded our TC server to 5.1.5 and I was planning on testing the remote build feature from my Linux (Mint 10) workstation. However, I keep getting an exception after logging in:

marco@kefka:~/Desktop$ java -jar ./tcc.jar login --host http://XXXXX --user marco
enter password:
Connecting to "http://XXXXX" TeamCity Server... done
Logging in.... done
login: error
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: jetbrains.buildServer.messages.Status
    at jetbrains.buildServer.messages.StatusConverter.class$(
    at jetbrains.buildServer.messages.StatusConverter.<clinit>(
    at jetbrains.buildServer.xstream.ServerXStreamFormat.formatXStream(
    at com.jetbrains.teamcity.Storage$XMLStorageFS$1.configureXStream(
    at jetbrains.buildServer.messages.XStreamHolder.createXStreamInstance(
    at jetbrains.buildServer.messages.XStreamHolder.getXStreamInternal(
    at jetbrains.buildServer.messages.XStreamHolder.getXStream(
    at jetbrains.buildServer.messages.XStreamHolder.getXStream(
    at jetbrains.buildServer.xstream.XStreamWrapper.serializeObject(
    at com.jetbrains.teamcity.Storage$XMLStorageFS.serializeObject(
    at com.jetbrains.teamcity.Storage$
    at com.jetbrains.teamcity.Storage.flush(
    at com.jetbrains.teamcity.Storage.put(
    at com.jetbrains.teamcity.resources.TCAccess.setCredential(
    at com.jetbrains.teamcity.command.Login.execute(
    at com.jetbrains.teamcity.command.CommandRunner.main(

My coworker got the same thing in Ubuntu Maverick. Any ideas?

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I'm getting the same error on Mac OS X 10.6.6, java version "1.6.0_22", TeamCity Enterprise 5.1.5 (build 13602)

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Hi Charles

The tool has separate branches for 5.0, 5.1, and 6.0 versions of TeamCity server.
Could you recheck installed version is compatible with your server instace.


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Redownloaded tcc.jar just to be safe but I'm still getting the same thing.

Server: TeamCity Enterprise 5.1.5 (build 13602)

tcc.jar: TeamCity Commandline utility v5.0 EAP (build 316) Copyright 2000-2010 JetBrains s.r.o. (version mismatch?)

Does the command line tool come bundled with the server or does it have to be maintained separately?
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Hi All,

If you are still intresting in 5.1.x branch you can download fixed tool here


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