TeamCity's NUnit Launcher with PartCover: Test and Coverage Results


I'm using TeamCitys NUnit Launcher to run unit tests in x86 mode for PartCover. I wanted to use Daniel Palme's ReportGenerator ( to get detailed reports in my Coverage tab. To run ReportGenerator, I have to supply which PartCover xml result files to use. Unfortunately I couldn't find out where the Launcher stores those files and I couldn't figure out how to pass an argument (like /xml=filename.xml or something like that) to the launcher. So my question: Is there a chance to access those xml results? Or is the TeamCity NUnit Launcher the wrong way to go?

Thanks in advance.

/ Reto

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NUnit build runner doesn't allow that, but you can run the tests from MSBuild, NAnt tasks, or command line. See details at NUnit Support page.
This way paths to reports are configured explicitly, and can be controlled.


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