Command Line Parameters in VS Runner /Verbosity

I've struggled with this for hours and i haven't figured it out.

The "Visual Studio (sln)" runner has a field that says "Command line parameters:" with the help description of "Enter additional command line parameters to MSBuild.exe"... Great!  So i look up the MSDN docs on MSBuild....

... and it shows "/verbosity:normal" as an option i can pass to get a little more info in the output log.  I tried...


... none of these seem to change the build log in any way.

So i tired another command line parameter..


... and that one works!

So what is going on here?  Is TeamCity disallowing some command line parameters and allowing others?  Is there some other "trick" to get this to work?

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is there any reason why you are using the VisualStudio build runner? if not you can change to the msbuild runner (.sln runs from msbuild) and then pass in the parameters as normal

here is the setup i have just tried:

this gave me a hugely different output when i changes the /v:diag to /v:q

try it and see



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