NUnit Xml Report is not published.

Due to the infrastructure I have, I'm running the NUnit through our host application kicked off by a batch file. At the end of the run, it will generate the NUnit Report Xml files in certain directory.

The setup I have in TeamCity Project is to (step 1) run the command line, (step 2) use the NUnit Report Watcher to pick up the output. This is the partial log to see it actually found and parsed the xml files.

[10:32:56]: NUnit report watcher
[10:32:56]: [NUnit report watcher] 2 reports found for paths:
[10:32:56]: [NUnit report watcher] D:/NUnitLog/*.xml

[10:32:56]: [NUnit report watcher] Successfully parsed

[10:32:56]: [Successfully parsed] 2 reports

[10:32:56]: Publishing internal artifacts
[10:32:56]: [Publishing internal artifacts] Sending file
[10:32:56]: Publishing artifacts
[10:32:56]: [Publishing artifacts] Paths to publish: [D:/NUnitLog/*.xml]
[10:32:56]: [Publishing artifacts] Sending files
[10:32:57]: Build finished

There are 9 failed tests in the NUnit result, but the build is stated that it is successful. Obviously after parsing the files, it didn't consider it is a failed test. What am I missing?

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It doesn't look like TeamCity recognize there is any test results. I don't see the Test tab in this build.
Primarily, I'm using this configuraiton to run some tests and publish the result.


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