Email notifications not raised

Hello, I am facing an strange issue with the email notifications. When I (an user) want to receive a mail when an event happens with a mail address of my company, it doesn't work.
For example, if I run a build: = nothing = I got a mail

I have set up the mail configuration with a company mail address and the test work with my company mail address.
Nothing is recorded in the log files.

In the forum, I have found an related issue: but the solution is not relevant for me.

Hope you can help.

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Since TeamCity sends emails in the same way, seems like an environment issue or there are some changes between the tries in TeamCity settings/events.

I'd doublecheck you can test server email settings with the email address and then set the address and generate an event (e.g. configure to receive notificaion on any starting build).
Then, there are always trivial cases to check like spam filtering in the inbox.

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Thanks for your clue.
I have doublecheck my spam filter client-side but not on the mail server.
So after setting up correctly it, I am able to receive my emails, so simple...

Thanks for the support.


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