What do I loose?

I am upgrading my database from the distribution to MySql. Till now all of what I have done has been experimental, but I want to preserve the configurations I have created.

If I do the upgrade and decide not to migrate the old data, exactly what am I loosing and what are the consequences? If it is only artifacts I can deal.

Any heads up, warnings, suggestions, or other issues I should be aware of before doing this? Got to admit I am nervous about this.

TIA for you time.


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Hi Len,

I recently did the same. You don't lose the configuration setup, but you do lose all history, so build logs, artifacts etc.. You also lose user/group information.

You should also delete the artifacts, messages and pluginData/customDataStorage directories before you start against the new database, as the old information will conflict.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for the reply!

We tried to describe the database dropping approach in the doc.


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