How can I get the caller build id?

Let's say the build A calls build B, C and D. I would need to know if there's any way to get on C for example the bt ID of the build which called it.

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Hi Pedro

In your example it's always build A, isn't it?

Snapshot dependencies work in opposite direction - build A does not push build C, but build C pulls build A.
Dependencies Properties can be used inside build C to access any properties of finished build A.

Could you explain in more details, what kind of build structure you want to setup.


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Hi Michael, thanks for the reply.

As you mention, in my case it's always the build A the caller.

The reason behind is the following :

Let's say the build A sets the flag ON on the Code Coverage Instrumnetation, so we want to instrument the projects on the build chain whenever the Build A gets triggered.

A triggered ---> set code.coverage=true, run B, C, D...

Tried to use Dependencies Properties but the result was that every Run either Scheduled or Personal on any of the builds B, C or D would trigger A and then our Code Coverage Instrumentation would be flagged as ON.

Hopefully I was clear.

Thanks much in advance



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