XML report processing problems


The build has xml report processing: PMD, PMD CPD, Ant JUnit. But only first xml processing works.
Teamcity Version - 7.0 (build 21241)
Our settings - in attachment.

In build log:

[11:00:20][ant] PMD (45s)

[11:00:20][PMD] flexPMD (5s)
[11:01:06][flexPMD] INFO: Creating report in </home/teamcity/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/5060f68d593b5148/bin/dev/chat/pmd.xml>
[11:01:06][ant] CPD (3s)

[11:01:06][CPD] flexCPD

[11:01:06][flexCPD] Starting run, minimumTokenCount is 50

[11:01:06][flexCPD] Tokenizing files

[11:01:06]/home/teamcity/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/5060f68d593b5148/bin/dev/chat/pmd.xml report processed: 72 errors, 0 warnings, 343 info messages

[11:01:06][flexCPD] Starting to analyze code

[11:01:06][flexCPD] Done analyzing code; that took 245 milliseconds

[11:01:06][flexCPD] Generating report
[11:03:21][testProject] junitreport (2s)

[11:03:21][junitreport] Processing /home/teamcity/TeamCity/buildAgent/work/5060f68d593b5148/bin/dev/TESTS-TestSuites.xml to /home/teamcity/TeamCity/buildAgent/temp/buildTmp/null801320590

[11:03:21][junitreport] Loading stylesheet jar:file:/home/teamcity/apache-ant/lib/ant-junit.jar!/org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/optional/junit/xsl/junit-frames.xsl

[11:03:23][junitreport] Transform time: 2033ms

[11:03:23][junitreport] Deleting: /home/teamcity/TeamCity/buildAgent/temp/buildTmp/null801320590

So all reports have generated but only PMD watcher works.
In build log:
[11:05:46]PMD report watcher

[11:05:46][PMD report watcher] 7 reports found for paths:

[11:05:46][PMD report watcher] bin/dev/**/pmd.xml

[11:05:47][PMD report watcher] Successfully parsed

Why other watchers do not work?

Thank you.

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Does anyone has the same problem?

Any help?

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Hello, Alexander,

You are facing a known issue http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-20559
I've attached a patched xml-report-plugin.zip which contains the fix to the issue in tracker. You can also wait for TeamCity 7.0.1 which will be soon released.

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Thank you!


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