Workstation or server OS for TeamCity 7 Server?

Our basic set up will be a Windows 7 PC running the Server and database  and we will have 3 build agents.  We have around 10 developers.

I understand that TeamCity can be installed on Windows 7 or Windows 2008 Server.  My preference would be to use Windows 7 so that I need not worry about CALs for Windows Server, but I understand that from an OS level, using a workstation class OS can cause problems with simultaneous connect difficulties.  Is this something I need to be concerned with regards using TeamCity 7 Server and database?

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi Karl

TeamCity is a web application that uses HTTP protocol, so limitations for Windows network connections based on RPC protocol do not affect it.

A team of 10 developers is OK, and Windows 7 can handle it.
Hardware has much more influence on server performance. Please look at Estimate hardware requirements for TeamCity article.

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Thanks for the reply.  My curiosity was raised by the Windows 7 EULA and its mention of IIS.

Device Connections. You may allow up to 20 other devices to access software  installed on the licensed computer to use only File Services, Print Services, Internet Information Services and Internet Connection Sharing and Telephony  Services

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Internet Information Services (IIS) is a specific Microsoft's product, bundled with Windows. TeamCity does not use it.
As a web server for our application we use Apache Tomcat, that's free and do not require any additional licensing.


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