Remote Run (via Eclipse plugin) does not support branch selection (from specification)?


when executing a Remote Run (via Eclipse plugin), the builds are shown and can be selected, but there is no possibility to select a branch (from the specification), as is possilbe when running a custom build from teamcity, on the same build.

expected: when using remote run from eclipse, i should be able to select on which branch (specification) of the build, the remote run should apply (same as custom run)
actual: the remote run just runs on the default branch, even though the work is on another branch - that makes no sense

How can the branch to which I have just made the commit (Git) be selected in Eclipse plugin, when selecting a build configuration?

Ziv Shapira

Teamcity 7.1.2

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Hi Ziv,

Sorry for late answer.
Currently Eclipse plugin does not support branch selection. But you can select it with special "" parameter in Remote Run's build configuration customization view.
Just set that parameter to branch name you want. (Branch name must be same as in TeamCity web UI).


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