"Last successful build" ignoring personal builds?


I have two builds in my Teamcity, one which produces artifacts, and one that depends on those artifacts using the 'Last successful build' dependency type.

If I do a personal build from IDEA and run both of these builds, the later seems to always take the last successful build "public" build, and not the personal build that was just run.

Is there anyway to get TeamCity 3.1.2 to use my personal build artifacts?


No, it is impossible in TeamCity 3.1.2. I think it can't be done easily because there is no way to make one build to wait another. If there are idle agents both builds will start concurrently.

In Calcutta (4.0) it will be possible to add dependency by sources from one build configuration to another (A -> B). In this case when A is triggered B is added to queue too and they will have synchronized sources (on the same moment of time if VCS roots different or with same revisions if VCS roots are the same). A will then wait in queue till B is finished. You can also make configuration A depend on artifacts of the last finished B. In this case A will have artifacts of B built from the synchronized sources. If you run a personal build in A and if personal build changes are also applicable to B (if A and B share the same VCS root) then personal builds for A and B will be added in the queue and they will be synced by sources and artifacts.

This feature is available in the last EAP. Will this suit your needs?

Pavel Sher


That sounds like it should work fine - I'll take a look at the EAP.



I am using TC7 and  build configuration A trigger from B with last successful build, but when one personal builds successfully running on B, it didn't trigger A to build. So seems the rules didn't work. In this case, if I want build configuration A can triggerd from personal build B, any ideas? Thanks.


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