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I have asked a question on SO, and have not yet received a response, so I thought I would ask it here as well:

So the question is about how/if I can trigger the same build configuration from different branches in TFS, without having to create a buildconfiguration for each branch.

We typically create a branch when we release a version to production, and the keep working in the trunk. I would like to make the CI build run both when I make a change in the /trunk and in the /tags/ folders, and of course it should check out the source from the corresponding folder. Is that possible?

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I commented in the original posting.

Sorry, it seems this is not possible currently...

If there is a way to build off your branch, you can in theory have a parameter in the TFS VCS root and trigger a build on specific branch via custom run build dialog (manually or by submitting the dialog from a script).


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