Attempt to read outside of build log file error?

Today, we started getting this error in our build logs:

Attempt to read outside of build log file. It seems the build log  "E:\Apps\TeamCity\.BuildServer\system\messages\CH47\747.msg5" is broken.  This can be caused by incorrect server shutdown. Please contact your  system administrator.

I restarted the server and it seemed fine after that. However, it came back again later.

How can we resolve this issue? If you need any files, please let me know where I can pull them from and I'll attach them here.

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What TeamCity version are you using?
Did you recently upgrade?
Please attach <TeamCity home>/logs/teamcity-server.log file.

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I received a similar message.  Checking the log file:

I found this warning:

WARN -   jetbrains.buildServer.SERVER - Warning: insufficient space on disk where the following directory resides: /TeamCity/BuildServer/system.

We are expanding the partition and hope the issue goes away.

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Such errors are very like to cause problems with persisting TeamCity build log and other data.
Try to always give the server sufficient space.


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